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Short Films / Music Videos

A Date With a Loved One (2023)

Two family friends met up after not seeing each other for awhile, but one thinks it's a date.


Written, Directed, Produced by Alex Nicoletti

Greenhouse (2023)

Greenhouse is an upcoming horror/comedy short produced entirely by Philadelphia filmmakers on a shoestring budget.

Written and Directed by Eddie Bick and Brian Diroff

Cinematography by Alex Nicoletti

Edited by Lana Duda

My First Shot (2021)

A young man with Down Syndrome adjusts to post graduation life with a set of new obstacles and new friends.

Written, Directed, and Produced by Alex Nicoletti


Move to Japan (2022)

Directed and Designed by Daph Bonner
Edited by Tyler Bonner
Cinematography by Alex Nicoletti

Painting Home (2021)

A man with dementia wanders an art museum.

Written and Directed by Lana Duda
Cinematography by Alex Nicoletti

Sam Kirby (2020)

A private investigator uncovers a startling new truth about his hometown.

Directed by Ellis Kelsey and Alex Nicoletti
Written by Ellis Kelsey and Casey Baum
Produced by Christina Karos
DPs: Matt Connelly and Alex Nicoletti

Roast Beef (2020)

A roast beef sandwich is served. Chaos ensues.

Created by Alex Nicoletti and Trevor Allen

Drowning (2022)

Written and Directed by Ben Seltzer
Shot and Edited by Alex Nicoletti
Co-produced and BTS stills by Marissa Armandi


Thumb War (2019)

War is hell, especially between thumbs.

Written by Ellis Kelsey
Directed by Alex Nicoletti & Ellis Kelsey

It's My Birthday (2019)

A birthday surprise brings uncertain changes for the future of one couple.

Written, Shot, Edited, Directed, and Produced by Alex Nicoletti

Behind the Scenes of  Temple SMASH: Season 11

Shot by MK Cully and Alex Nicoletti
Edited by Alex Nicoletti

Say the Word (2021)

Written and Produced by Ben Seltzer and Jeff Thomas
Directed by Davis Browne
Shot, Edited, and Colored by Alex Nicoletti

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